Track-Kar – All in One ANDROID based Tracking Application

Constant strive for INNOVATION combined with expertise gained from EXPERIENCE, we at Bespoke Digital Media India Private Limited present to you yet another path breaking innovation, Track-Kar.

Track-Kar effectively tracks vehicle and anyone on the field on real-time basis. The system is combination of web as well as android application. The application is basically meant to track vehicle or individuals on real-time basis. It not only help parents or admin to track movement of vehicle but also provides real-time updates on delays or changes in the usual route.

Key Benefits:

Track-Kar is a step towards safer future where it is the digital technology to the rescue. It can be used to track VEHICLES as well as FIELD FORCE. Few of its key benefits are listed below:

      • Ensure sales team to be most productive while on field.
      • Helps Managers & Team Leaders to track and manage team on real-time basis.
      • Real time messaging to mobile workforce from application interface.
      • View of entire workforce on one map
      • Organise work plans, track expenses for better returns
      • Maintaining attendance was never so easy
      • Where, when and how of the team... Right here! Right now!

      • Real-time tracking of school bus / vehicle.
      • Real-time updates on delays and change of route.
      • Parents / Tracker can submit feedback / complaint online.
      • Admin can view entire fleet of vehicles on one map
      • Easy to manage vehicle wise expenses (fuel & Maintenance etc)
      • Maintaining attendance was never so easy